Science 339:819C823

Science 339:819C823. stained using KDEL antibody as an ER marker (crimson); DAPI was utilized concerning visualize nuclei (blue). deletion of filamin A binding site (H. Urra, D. R. Henriquez, J. Cnovas, D. Villarroel-Campos, et al., Nat Cell Biol 20:942C953, 2018, (C) Lysates had been prepared in the cells and IRE1, GFP, or actin proteins […]

2 E)

2 E). orchestrated by the cosignaling network, which is involved in all stages of the T cell response (Croft, 2003; Zhu et al., 2011). The B7/CD28 family of Ig superfamily (IGSF) and several members of TNF receptor superfamily are the major groups of T cell cosignaling molecules (Chen and Flies, 2013). The importance of these […]